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We invite you to implement the steps in climate protection in your company and create a sustainable future. With a solid plan to reduce your CO2 emissions, you'll create a solid foundation for climate protection. Our experienced consulting teams are at your side to develop customized solutions and effectively implement your goals.

The first step is to design a sound climate protection strategy that meets your individual requirements. Together, we will develop a plan to reduce your CO2 emissions based on scientific evidence and best practices. Once you have set your reduction targets, we help you finance climate protection projects. Through targeted investments in carefully selected projects, you actively contribute to global climate protection and make a valuable contribution to sustainable development.

At Climagate, we believe that a successful climate change strategy consists of several steps. Our goal is to accompany you on your journey and together bring about positive change. Let's work together to meet your climate change goals and ensure a green future for generations to come. Contact us today to launch your climate action strategy and become part of the movement for a sustainable world.

Our services at a glance

Climagate enables companies to
the purchase and sale of emission certificates on a
secure and efficient platform.
Our experts provide comprehensive consulting services for companies to optimize their emission reduction strategies and maximize CO2 savings.
Climagate helps companies identify and develop emission reduction projects that can generate carbon credits.
We offer our customers a detailed analysis of their CO2 emissions as well as recommendations for measures to reduce emissions.
Climagate also offers training and workshops to educate companies on how emissions trading works and how to reduce emissions.

Make a difference - reduce CO2 emissions step by step!

Welcome to Climagate, your competent partner in the field of CO2 trading. As a broker, we specialize in trading carbon credits and offer companies a transparent and efficient platform to reduce their CO2 emissions and improve their climate footprint.

Our goal is to counteract climate change and enable a sustainable future for us all. We are convinced that carbon trading is an important step in this direction. That's why we are committed to helping companies minimize their environmental impact and achieve their sustainability goals.

Our team consists of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in the field of carbon trading who are passionate about making the world a better place. Together, we are committed to climate protection and strive to bring about positive change.

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What we have achieved in the last two years!

30 million Co2 certificates
Fund Raised
Voluntary environmental experience
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Our project focus for climate protection

Reforestation projects in LATAM
Reclamation of mangrove forests
German coastal projects and within the EU
German forests and within the EU

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Ecologically acceptable sustainable development plan

Phase 1: Inventory and analysis
Capture the current state of your business or project in terms of environmental impact and sustainability. Analyze existing resources, processes and business practices to identify potential weaknesses.
Phase 2: Goal setting and planning
Define clear and ambitious goals for improving environmental sustainability. Develop a detailed action plan that includes measures and timelines for implementing the goals.
Phase 3: Implementation and integration
Put the planned measures into practice and integrate sustainable practices into all relevant business areas. Raise employee and stakeholder awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability and encourage their active participation.
Phase 4: Monitoring and evaluation
Continuously monitor the progress and results of implemented measures. Regularly evaluate the success of the environmentally acceptable sustainable development plan and adjust it as necessary to ensure long-term improvements.