Climagate Touch.

Climagate Touch

At Climagate Touch, we focus on developing climate protection projects that lead to CO2 emission savings. Our projects include various technologies and approaches that help to actively combat climate change.
Forest conservation is an outstanding example. Forests play an indispensable role in storing CO2, especially tropical forests. Through targeted measures such as afforestation and reforestation as well as sustainable forest management, we can further strengthen the capacity of these ecosystems to store CO2. In addition, we rely on financial incentives to promote the protection of forests as significant CO2 sinks. These comprehensive measures ensure long-term conservation and sustainable use of forests.
An impressive example of a successful Climagate Touch forest conservation project can be found in the forests of Brazil. By consistently implementing these projects, together we can achieve an immense positive impact.
We also offer regional projects that cover various aspects of climate protection. This includes measures such as the protection of peatlands, the conversion of forests, reforestation initiatives and the preservation of biodiversity. Although verified emission reductions from nature and climate protection projects cannot currently be generated in some European countries, we continue to actively promote regional projects. We work closely with companies and organizations to achieve their individual climate neutrality goals.
With Climagate Touch, you have the opportunity to become part of an exceptional climate protection project. Our comprehensive expertise, many years of experience and our commitment along the entire value chain ensure effective implementation and monitoring of the projects. Join our network now and create a sustainable future with us.

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