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Companies bear a crucial responsibility in global climate protection and must structurally and drastically reduce their emissions. At Climagate, we help companies set appropriate targets and find effective measures to reduce emissions – the third step of a total of five in climate protection.

Some of the emission reduction measures are obvious and can be implemented in the short term, such as switching to green power, using recycled raw materials, or implementing a business travel policy to avoid business flights. Other measures, however, require a thorough understanding of the industry in question and its supply chains.

Thanks to our specialized consulting teams, consisting of experienced industry experts, we can help companies identify and successfully implement suitable reduction measures.

Green Energy Services:

One effective way to reduce your CO2 emissions is to switch to electricity from renewable sources – and that’s where our green power certificates come in. With these certificates, you can ensure that the electricity you use comes from environmentally friendly and sustainable sources. By doing so, you make a significant contribution to climate protection and send a clear signal about your sustainability efforts.

Our team is available to assist you in this process and develop a customized green power strategy for your business. With Climagate and our Green Energy Services you take an important step towards a climate-friendly future. Together, we are creating positive change and actively working to protect our planet. Let’s work together to meet the challenges of climate change and create a sustainable future. Contact us today to start your climate change journey with Climagate.

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