About me:

Hello! I am Yves, an experienced project manager with over 8 years of valuable experience in managing and supervising projects. My passion for innovation and problem solving has helped me excel in my career.

Why I work at Climagate:

Working at Climagate is a matter of the heart for me. I deliberately chose this organization because it is vehemently committed to climate protection and a sustainable future. As a project manager, I would like to make my contribution to addressing the pressing challenges associated with climate change and to developing innovative solutions.

I firmly believe that every company and every individual has a responsibility to protect our planet and preserve it for future generations. Climagate provides me with the ideal platform to collaborate with like-minded people and take concrete action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote renewable energy.

8 Years of Experiences

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    Climate protection challenges:

    Climate protection faces enormous challenges that we can only overcome together. One of the key tasks is to drive forward the global energy transition and switch from fossil fuels to renewable energies. This requires not only technological innovations, but also political determination and a rethinking of society.

    Another key concern is adapting to the impacts of climate change that have already occurred. Extreme weather events, rising sea levels and habitat loss are already threatening many regions of the world. We need to develop strategies to support vulnerable communities and build more resilient systems.

    We also need to drive a change in awareness and increase the focus on the importance of sustainable lifestyles. It is crucial that we make our consumption and production methods more environmentally friendly and promote the circular economy.

    I face these challenges with great determination and optimism. At Climagate, we have the opportunity to bring about positive change and make a significant contribution to global climate protection. Together we can shape a sustainable and livable future for generations to come.

    Education & Experience:

    I have a solid academic background and extensive experience in the project management industry. My education and professional background have prepared me to successfully manage and supervise complex projects.


    Bachelor in business administration with focus on project management Certification in Project Management (PMI/PMP)


    I can proudly look back on over 8 years of experience as a project manager, working on a wide variety of projects in different industries. My focus was on renewable energy, sustainability and environmental protection. These experiences have given me valuable insight into the challenges of climate protection and environmental responsibility.

    My career as a project manager began in a renowned energy company, where I was significantly involved in the implementation of wind energy projects. Through these projects, I realized my passion for environmental protection and decided to use my expertise for a more sustainable world.


    In the following years, I successfully managed renewable energy projects, including photovoltaic and biomass projects. These projects required innovative solutions and close collaboration with experts and local communities.

    As a project manager at Climagate, my focus is on developing and implementing sustainable projects that have a positive impact on the environment and help address the climate crisis. I firmly believe that through the right combination of technology, commitment and strategic planning, protecting our planet and creating a livable future for all is possible.

    My education and diverse experiences have empowered me to address climate change challenges and develop innovative solutions. I look forward to working with a dedicated team to jointly tackle pressing environmental issues and make a significant contribution to global climate protection.

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