Thanks to advancing digitalization, trading in CO2 certificates is becoming increasingly transparent. In this context, we are pleased to further expand our strategic partnership with Von Bohlen & Halbach. Von Bohlen & Halbach, based in Dubai, recently entered into an exclusive collaboration with Standard and Poor’s (S&P), which enables us to trade our CO2 certificates in electronic form. This step simplifies the trading process considerably and makes it immensely easier for our customers to hold the certificates in custody.

In the age of advancing digitalization, trading in CO2 certificates is becoming increasingly transparent and efficient. It is with great pleasure that we announce that we are further optimizing our processes and handling for German industrial customers thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and digital solutions.

By using innovative digital platforms, we are able to guarantee our customers transparent and fast processing in CO2 certificate trading. Our new digital systems enable seamless integration of trading processes, from order placement to settlement. This minimizes human error and simplifies the entire trading process.

We are particularly proud of our strategic partnerships with leading technology companies that give us access to the most advanced digital solutions. Through this collaboration, we can offer our customers a user-friendly and secure platform on which they can trade and manage CO2 certificates. Digitization also enables us to provide all relevant information in real time, which leads to improved transparency.

As part of our efforts to further optimize CO2 certificate trading for our customers, we have also developed special training and education programs. These are designed to help our customers realize the full potential of digital platforms and manage their trading activities effectively. We always strive to provide our customers with the necessary know-how to make informed trading decisions and efficiently manage their carbon footprint.

As a leading provider in CO2 certificate trading, we are proud to make our contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By digitizing our processes, we are creating a more sustainable future and helping German industry to achieve its climate targets.

Thanks to the strategic cooperation and the exclusive distribution partner Von Bohlen & Halbach, we can guarantee our customers in the German and international industry fast, uncomplicated and secure processing. This cooperation strengthens the basis of trust and creates a transparent market for CO2 certificates.

A milestone in this digitization process is the planned digitization of 30 million CO2 certificates from the SA Carbon Program project of the state of Acre in Brazil. These certificates are owned by Von Bohlen und Halbach Cie Group and are managed electronically as part of this partnership. The ISA Carbon Program, a project supported by the German KFW Development Bank from Frankfurt and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), is part of the REDD Early Movers (REM) Program.

The digitization of CO2 certificates brings increased transparency to the market and enables us to trade more efficiently. This important step demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and protecting our environment. By improving CO2 certificate trading, we are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a sustainable future.

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